European Charge Density Meeting – ECDM6

Conference fees

Transport from the airport and lodging are not included in the conference fee.

Conference buses will be optimized following the arrival of the participants at the particular airports, we will contact each of the participant via email. Buses will be paid on entry.

Your room at the hotel will be booked for the standard length of the conference from 15th to 20th September 2012. If you require different booking, e.g. you plan to arrive or depart sooner or later, please contact us and send us the dates for which you would like us to book an accommodation for you. Accommodation will be paid in the hotel.

Early Registration

(before 11th June 2012)

Senior Participant: 290 Eur
Junior Participant: 190 Eur

Regular Registration

(after 11th June 2012)

Senior Participant: 390 Eur
Junior Participant: 250 Eur

Late Registration

(at the meeting)

Senior Participant: 490 Eur
Junior Participant: 350 Eur

Accompanying person: 120 Eur

A Junior Participant is an undergraduate, PhD or post-doc younger than 30.

Transportation price (two ways)

Vienna: 50 Eur (400 km / 3:45 h)
Bratislava: 40 Eur (350 km / 3:00 h)
Krakow: 20 Eur (160 km / 2:40 h)

Accomodation price

Single room: 54 Eur/Night
Double room: 36.50 Eur/Night (per person)


The organizers plan to provide support for the students and young scientists. The total number of grants depends on the sum of money available, especially from sponsors – therefore the final number will be known later. We have already received 5000 USD from IUCr, which will be used for this purpose exclusively. Further money is under negotiations and the final sum will also depend on the number of meeting participants.

In accordance with IUCr grant policy for the support of the young scientists, recipients of a young scientist grant are required to create an entry in the World Database of Crystallographers (if not already present). We therefore strongly recommend any applicant for bursary, to create an entry in advance at IUCr web site.
IUCr Scientific Freedom Policy Statement

Any participant who would like to apply for the bursary should meet the following requirements:

  1. Age up to 35 years (depending on the number of applicants, those up to 30 years may be preferred).
  2. Complete the registration for the meeting.
  3. Active participation at the meeting (poster or lecture).
  4. Pay the conference fee (application can be sent in-before, but you may be granted only after the payment).

There will be two types of grants provided by the organizers to cover partially:

  1. Accommodation.
  2. Travel expenses.
Please note, that registration fee is not included in any of the support grants. Depending on the situation, one or both grants may be provided to applicant. Grants will be reimbursed in cash at the conference.

Important date

11th June 2012: Deadline for bursary application

In order to apply for the bursary

  1. Fill the registration.
  2. Send the following documents:
Please send required documents before the 11th June 2012 to following e-mail address:

Institute of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics,
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, 2012